Warwick is one of the oldest established market towns in the country, its derivations going back to Saxon times. The town enjoyed periods of prosperity in the 15th and 16th centuries, and that was the period when several of the major Charities and Endowed Trusts were founded. A great many charities have existed over the years but there has been regular consolidation. This website gives a brief overview of the major charities and who they are able to help. Most restrict beneficiaries to those living in Warwick.

General grant making charities

The major grant making charities are:-
  • The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick - general grant giving
  • Warwick Relief in Need Charity - grants for those in need
  • Austin Edwards Charity - general grant giving
  • St Mary's Hall Trust - general grant giving, particular where linked to the religious and charitable work of the Church of England

Charities focused on Young People

  • Warwick Apprenticing Charities - grants for young people for Outward Bound Skills for Life Courses or to students in further education. Some general grants.
  • The Charity of Sir Thomas White - provides interest free loans to students in further education or young people establishing a business

Health related charities

  • Warwick Provident Dispensary - grants for those who are sick, inform or disabled
  • Warwick Private Hospital Trust - provides medical funding for a range of purposes and seeks to offer financial help, donations or sponsorship to individuals, groups and projects. It helps individuals with disabilities or chronic illness To apply see their website: info@warwickshirehealthcharity.org.uk

Almshouse charities

Almshouses provide housing and are typically focused on the elderly. There are 3 in Warwick open to those with a local connection:-
  • The Charity of Thomas Oken and Sir Nicholas Eyffler - 14 properties located on Castle Hill and Bowling Green Street
  • Warwick United Charities - 9 properties located at Westgate and Tibbits Court, Brook Street
  • Lord Leycester Hospital - 7 properties for those with a military background. To apply contact the Master on 01926 491422

For further details of each of the charities, more detail on who is eligible to apply and how applications are submitted, click on the links on the left (or as indicated above).